Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Is Christening the same thing as Baptism?
Yes, christening is the old fashioned name that means putting on Christ whereas baptism is the word used in the New Testament. We prefer to call it baptism because it makes the link to Jesus and John the Baptist more clearly.

Is there a charge for the baptism service?
There is no charge. However, each parish relies solely on the church collection to be able to continue our work. If you wish to make a donation you are welcome to do so. If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of your donation at no extra cost by placing it in one of our tax-efficient giving envelopes and filling in your details on the front of the envelope.

How many godparents can I choose?
Normally two of the same sex as the baby and one of the opposite sex. However, this is not a firm rule. You can have as many as you want of either sex.

Why should godparents be confirmed if possible?
As you can see from the other side of the sheet, we make promises to bring up the child being baptised as a Christian. People who are confirmed will have had these promises made for them at their baptism but will also have made these promises for themselves when they were confirmed in their faith by a bishop. It makes sense that we should believe in the commitments that we are making on your baby’s behalf. However, even if they are not confirmed, as long as your godparents believe in and understand something of the Christian faith they can make these promises with a good conscience.

Why have I received this gift of Your Baby’s Baptism?
The book is our gift to you so that you can think about the important day for which you are preparing. Share it with you godparents and family so that they will know what is happening and why we use the symbols of water, the sign of the cross and a candle. We hope that after the baptism it will be an attractive souvenir as well as the last pages providing some ideas on how to build on your Christian faith together as a family.

Does my baby have to wear special clothes for the service?
You may choose to dress your baby as you wish. Some people buy a white robe whilst others use one which is a family heirloom. Other people, however will bring their baby dressed in smart baby clothes. It is useful to remember that your baby’s head will get wet so if there is a bonnet it should be easy to remove for the baptism itself.

Do I need to have a baptism certificate?
The only reason why a certificate is ever needed is if you have to prove you are a Christian (for example to have certain religious exemptions if working in foreign countries). You do not need to produce a baptism certificate for other reasons (to get married in a church for example). We can provide a certificate at the time of baptism but we have to charge a fee for this. However, should you need a certificate at any time in the future, one can be issued very quickly. Just keep a note of where and when the baptism took place. You can do this on the pull-out pages in the middle of Your Baby’s Baptism.

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