The History of the Parish

 Taken from All Saints' Odd Rode, The History of the Church, 125 years from 1864 to 1989 by  Bob Bateman.

The Parish of Odd Rode was formerly part of the Parish of Newbold Astbury which was known to men of the New Stone Age, to the Celts from whom we get the name Mow Cop, original Moel Copa translated as "bald crown".

The name Rode appears in the Domesday Survey and is derived from the Old English word "rod" which meant a clearing. The name Odd may have come from the name of a former tenant of the Manor of Rode, Adam dictus Hod de Oddrode. It may come from the Middle English word "odde" meaning the odd one of three (cf North Rode).

Lady (Anne) Baker Wibraham who was born in Norway and may therefore be seen to be on the side of the Viking invaders, suggests the name might mean Odds Clearing since Odd is quite a usual Norwegian forename. The presant Parich consists of three Churches:-

  • All Saints'
  • The Good Shephard
  • St Luke's


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