Coronavirus: Our Protocols

General rules and measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

We are very much aware that the vast majority of people who may wish to enter our buildings are within the extremely vulnerable category. Therefore a very strict regime is in place.


Masks MUST be worn. Failure to wear a mask with mean entry will be refused.

If you are exempted for medical reasons please get in touch with the Rector and we will seek to accommodate you.


A strict 2 metre distancing is to be maintained at all times.

Pews have been cordoned off and there are a restricted number of places available to sit.


Surfaces and door handles are cleaned frequently

Hand sanitizer is available on entry to the building and must be used.

Entry and Exit arrangements

We are currently opening for private prayer. At the Good Shepherd a one-way system is in operation. At All Saints and St Luke’s the same door is used for exit and entry. This is not a problem as the numbers entering or leaving the building at any time are low (However, see below for public worship).

Public Worship (additional controls)

At both The Good Shepherd and All Saints there is a one way system in place. At St Luke’s this is not possible so entry and exit are by the same door.

Masks are worn except when a person is leading the service, reading, preaching or leading intercessions. These people will be more than 2 metres away from any other person.

Singing is not encouraged though hymns are played and the text is made available.

Currently we judge the sharing of Holy Communion to pose too great a risk. However, this is under constant review. If you have a view on this you are encouraged to contact the Rector.